Common Dress Requirement



In order to maintain a positive school climate and ensure the safety of students, Piedmont Middle has established a Common Dress Code: Berryessa Union School District Board Policy 5132 states that: "The development of attitudes and behavior patterns in dress and grooming should be part of each student's total educational experience."
In general, students are not to be attired in clothing that compromises safety or modesty or is disruptive to the educational process. In order to assist parents in planning for their student's apparel in middle school, the following guidelines are presented.

The primary standards for student dress and grooming are to be neat and clean while at school and to conform to the Piedmont Middle School Dress Code. Piedmont is a uniform exclusive school with no waivers.
• Top item of Polo Style Shirt: Blue, Gray, Purple (Collars must be worn out)
• Top item Spirit Shirt: Piedmont Spirit Shirts will be available for purchase as common dress wear.
• Top item Outwear: Blue, Gray, Purple, Black, White. (No designs or logos on clothing).
• Bottom item of clothing - Khaki, or Black/Blue jeans
• Backpacks - no red, maroon (Large purses and/or satchels are notpermissible)
• Undershirts - must conform to common dress colors as well.

Furthermore, in order to maintain a positive school climate and ensure the safety of students, Berryessa Union Middle Schools enforce a student dress code:
• Hoods of sweatshirts can only be worn if it is raining. They will never be worn indoors.
• P.E. clothing cannot be worn in other classes, especially on days taken home for washing.
• No hats, bandanas, caps, hairnets, or NBA style headbands.
• No writing, other than name, on backpacks.
• "Sagging" or excessively baggy pants are not allowed.
• Low cut or revealing shirts (chest or stomach) including tank tops, halter, and tube tops.
• Shorts and skirts must be the length of the fingertips extended.
• Clothing with pictures or symbols deemed inappropriate (drugs, sex, violence, alcohol, tobacco, gangs, offensive slogans or words degrading to any gender, cultural or
ethnic values). A few examples might include: "hyphy," "thizz," area codes, MacDre, Tupac, Scarface, etc.
• No red or maroon clothing or backpacks.
• Pajama tops or bottoms are not allowed.
• Oversized shirts (tall tee's) that hang around the knee area cannot be worn.
• No slippers, sandals, flip flops, or "Heelies."
• Dangling necklaces must be worn under the shirt.
• Rips on clothing in inappropriate areas.
• Any combination of clothing which law enforcement agencies consider gang related (these may change).

Occasionally, there will be days of exception to the dress code, but the aforementioned will
still apply. These usually occur during "Spirit Week" or sometimes in celebration of a holiday.

Students in violation of the dress code will be given clean "dress code" clothing to use for the day. The student will get his/her clothes back after returning the clothes borrowed
from the office. Student will contact parent (if needed) in regard to violation of dress code. Parent/Guardian may be required to bring appropriate attire.
Students who are out of Common Dress or do not dress out for PE will receive the following consequences:
• 1 Violation - Warning
• 2 Violations - After School Detention
• 3 Violations - 2 After School Detentions
• 4 Violations - 3 After School Detentions
• 5 Violations - After School Detention and Saturday School
• 6 or more Violations - Suspension